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Capital Silvermoon
Population 1,466,880: Common: (llyranesi, sylvanori) Uncommon: (half-elves) Rare: (halflings, humans)
Government Monarchy
Religion Eluna, Daeus, Dana, Gilead, Navos, Ceinara
Imports Elven Items, books, technology, ores, refined metals, otherwise self-sufficient.
Exports Exotic wine, exotic animals, elven craftworks, clothes, music, magic items, elven adventurers, timber
Alignment CG, LG, NG, N, CN
Affiliated Characters Llyranosti

Llyranost is the heart of the Greatwood and the seat of elven power. It is the heart of sildanyari upon Gaea. Even elven enclaves and settlements elsewhere in the world at least acknowledge the power, presence and purpose of Llyranost and its ruling nobility. The elven lords and ladies of Llyranost are the mightiest in all the world though the nation currently suffers from pangs of pain as the magic that has sustained it for so long seems to be wavering. Fewer elven children are being born as the generations wane onward and the isolation that they have enjoyed for so long seems to, at last, be ending. Many of the older generation insist on maintaining their ancient way of life while the younger generations seem intent on rejoining the world, no matter what the costs.

Life and Society

Llyranost is characterized by a growing sense of a need for isolationism and a desperate desire to protect their magical superiority and dominant way of life. For decades now, the elves have been under mysterious attack by an unknown and unseen force that is robbing their Mana-Wells of magic, sickening their golden trees, assailing their borders with monsters and inflicting their spirits with the weight of the world to the point that fewer elven children are born and pervading sense of lethargy invades the once bright and thriving culture. Assailed by this feeling of extinction, some elves are throwing themselves into the task of defending their lands and way of life with an abandon that others would deem maddening. Different elves see these events as signs that the old elven way of life is done and that The Veil must come down and the world must be joined by them. More conservative elements urge calm and patience, believing things will right themselves in time and that the source of the Affliction will be found.

The elves only have few children and as the years pass on, fewer children are being born. Believing this to be a sign from the

heavens, many younger generation elves are taking it upon themselves to change the fate of their kind, less they pass from the world. This

Llyranesi arcane-warrior

accounts for many elven adventurers leaving the safety of the forests and marble cities of Llyranost to seek fame and fortune beyond.

Most of the other nations of the world have little awareness of what goes on in Llyranost and most elves are silent on the matter. There are many who blame the wars, decadence and cataclysms of the mortal world on their plight.

In spite of these concerns, the desire to maintain the status quo of elven society and to defend their way of life causes many elves to continue to pursue life as usual. Life in Llyranost itself is often one of pursuit of knowledge both spiritual and arcane, crafting, exploration, poetry and history. The seat of power lies in the hands of the queen, Aeslyn Son'Doriel, who bears within her the bloodline and life of the original fey-folk who were the ancestors of the elves. The Son'Doriels have ruled from Llyranost as long as anyone can remember. Beneath the Son'doriels rule a council known as The Elven Court. The Elven Court consists of the heads of the six noble houses which are represented on the flag and standard of the nation by smaller stars around the Son'Doriel starburst.

Each of the elven noble houses represents a place in society that all elves, find themselves involved in. Political intrigue is an ongoing thing as the various noble houses vie for one another and engage in verbal sparring and manipulation in order to gain more power within the societal hierarchies of the kingdom.

House Son'Doriel: This House consists of the descendants of Lisen Son'Doriel who founded the elven nation after the death of her father, Maldriel the first High King of the Elves. The ruling line has traditionally passed down through the descendants of Lisen who are all very long lived. There are a number of distant relatives who squabble while trying to determine who is next in line for the throne. The King or Queen is part of this house but sits above it as well. Other members of nobility who are part of this Household are usually brought in by marriage, service, or other ways and means but they do not have claim to leadership.

House Guardian: This House trains the next generation of elven knights, archers and protectors of the kingdom. The elvish army draws most of its initiates from the ranks of this house and it is the most diverse of the elven households. Status is determined by rank in the military organization and the individual faction to which you have earned entry. The Elven Skirmishers protect the borders of the land are unequaled archers and rangers, the elven Wind Striders ride atop trained and domesticated Hippogriffs and giant Eagles that make their home in the Periantha Forest. The main thrust of the elven army consists of their legendary archers and swordsmen wielding enchanted blades forged from Laen, Eog and other elvish precious metals. They are known collectively as The Emerald Guard.

House Arcanum: The elves practically live and breath magic but they educate and regulate the learning and use of arcane might. They have good reason for this. The elves of the ancient world fell prey to what is known as The Ecstasy and this triggered their corruption by The Gloomweaver and the sundering of the elven family into light and dark clans. Although modern day wizards use The Covenant of Mana to reaffirm their relationship with arcane spell casting, the Elves of Llyranost take no chances and highly regulate who can and cannot learn magic. Only followers of Eluna are allowed to join this House and only philosophy that promotes the responsible use of magic is permitted. Any elves found following other gods, no matter how well-meaning, yet practicing magic, are stripped of rank. Any elf practicing magic and following the teachings of Taara or another dark god are exiled from elven society. For many years the elves of House Arcanum remained separate from the Wizards of Rune, largely held as the seat of arcane power on the world. In recent years they have made more efforts to be part of the greater alliance of arcane forces that are centered in Rune.

House Celune: The elves of this house consist of the priests of the various families that exist out there. A very powerful and influential house, the priesthood of Eluna, patron goddess of the elves, holds the most sway here. They are also responsible for record keeping and general administrative duties related to family lines and the well being of elven society as a whole. The high priestess of Eluna is held to be the chief of this house. Thus this house often produces elven bards as well who hail from bardic colleges established by House Celune.

House Ygdrassil: The elves of Ygdrassil are among the most honored and sacred of the elven houses and are also amongst the most isolated and secluded. The elves long had a tradition that their ancestors were charged with the guardianship of the Tree of Life. However according to legend, the ancient elven home of Quelynos was destroyed when Maugrim attacked and wounded the Tree with his black spear. This is what drove the elves to Gaea and is part of their myths and legends. Maintaining the tradition that the elves are in part charged with maintaining the balance of the world and protecting the Holy Tree, House Ygdrassil presents elves who are sculpt, shape and control the living trees of the wood. They produce Rangers, Druids, Explorers and others dedicated to the growth of the beauty of the world. Sometimes they travel abroad to serve elven interests in needed lands of the world.

House Artisan: Although the lowest house in terms of the social hierarchy, these elves do not mind for they are the lovers of art, craftsmaking and creation. The elves are essentially commoners. They are typically forbidden to marry into other houses or to learn the sacred arts and trades of other houses. Instead they are the laborers, servants, and workers of the elves. They perform tasks related to the every day maintaining of elven society at large and often take on menial tasks that are necessary for life to go on but are at times beneath the station of other elves.

Major Geographical Features

The Greatwood is the massive forest belt of the continent of Arcania. An untamed, primeval, fey forest it mostly temperate though the pine forests near the Icegate are cold and hard and the southern woodlands east and west of the Sky Curtain Mountains can tend towards tropical like temperatures. The large bulk of the forest consists of towering trees of deciduous growth with oak and ash common but all manner of variety of trees existing here. The forest here is mightier than the forests in other parts of the world with trees broader around then city towers and the canopy of the wood practically a sky unto itself. In the deepest portions of the forest there are tales of trees that tower up into the skies, crowned with cloud cover, and sheltering entire colonies of self contained environments beneath them. Monstrous spiders, mysterious and troublesome fey, griffons, portions of the Fairy realm, forest trolls, ogres, settlements of orcs, humans and even rumor of several dragons all persist.

The Elvenwood: The Elvenwood is the heart of Llyranost and encompasses much of its geography. Blessedly free of orcs and goblinoids, this is largely due to the persistence of Rangers and Snipers in employ of House Warden who protect this forest and keep it free for travelers.

The Deeper Forest: The Deeper Forest contains most the mysterious of this near continent spanning woodland. Orcs and ettins roam these woods as well as ogres, forest giants, griffons and giant spiders. The number of ancient secrets buried here are said to be legion. Near the border of the Elvenwood is said to exist a sect of evil lycanthropes in service of Caracoroth the great wolf.

Important Sites

The heart of Llyranost is nestled deep in The Periantha with the forest lands of The Elvenwood embracing it and other more diverse portions of The Periantha isolating and protecting it. This makes trade somewhat difficult although in recent years a port city has risen up as a sign of the elven commitment to try and join the world versus flee from it.

Silvermoon (Metropolis, 27,303): The capital city of the elves is the heart of elvendom upon Gaea. There is no other place with as heavy a concentration of elves, anywhere on Arcania and it shows itself well as the heart of elven arcane might, crafting, music and worship. It is a city nestled within and around ancient trees and soaring towers and bridges of ivory, marble and inlaid gold and silver. Every nook and cranny is filled with garden plantings, curving lines in the stonework, statues revering elvish history and lore and more. Places of learning such as bardic colleges, libraries of lore, white temples to the gods of light and open aired pavilions dedicated to the moon goddess and to the spirits of nature. It also boasts a conservatory of music and several colleges of magic established by House Arcanum. Elven Court meets here on a great platform atop an ancient tree.

Elvengate (Large City, 14,259): The city of Elvengate has the distinction of being the only city within Llyranost territory that is integrated with non elves who are not just visitors. Elvengate was founded just beyond the borders of The Veil which protects true Llyranost and a thriving community of half-elves dwell here. Although the high elves remain xenophobic at times, half-elves often originate here and it remains the focal point of trade with the other greater kingdoms as the elves are loathe to allow full caravans to enter the heart of Llyranost itself and yet they still have dealings with outside kingdoms.

Tir Ni'essa: The magnificent Tir'Niessa has the distinction of being the largest temple and structure dedicated to Eluna the goddess of the Silver Moon. Few non-elves ever see this structure although priesthood members of Eluna's clergy are allowed to make pilgrimages here as they are called to. The elven clergy of Eluna is headquartered here and the head of House Celune makes her home here as well.

Recent Events

The elves have long memories. As Taara began to rise, it signaled a schism in elvenkind. The sorceress had long ago rent them asunder, taking through means of a compact most vile the children of their bretheren and in it the elves of Dawn and elves of the Wild saw a new threat. The Shadow elves had corrupted themselves willingly, and with Taara's rise they once again could ride the waves of power. Too, the children of Man had perhaps failed in their task to keep the world a peaceful place, and so--

The elves set out on the move.

The elves of Dawn and elves of Wild reopened themselves to the world of the Fey, and found themselves renewned. They too began to venture outward into the world to begin to right wrongs and to administer justice. They have opened ports, and encouraged anew the study of the highest of arcane magics, especially in the wake of Charn's corruption through Kulthos' dark artifice. As such, the elves would like nothing more than to capture old Merkebah and seal it away forever, and are attempting to do so.

The Shadow elves, for their part, are also on the march. Envigorated by the rise of Taara, they may pose a new threat to the landscape.