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Liberators are warriors dedicated to a cause: the freedom from tyranny and the abolishment of slavery. Based primarily in the slave-heavy region of Veyshan, they are notorious for the strength of their belief...and their worship of not a god, but of an ancient and divine relic. Beholden to the very concept of "freedom," the Liberators are barely an order; indeed, they are often seen as a bunch of fruitier than fruitcakes who can't agree on much of anything, let alone what "'freedom' is supposed to look like." They fan out into the world, spreading their order's words to those receptive to it, often taking sparks and embers from the Great Flame, itself. They are often not welcome due to how ardently, frustratingly so, they can champion "freedom," and their internal squabbles over its meaning are the things of legend. It is said that no two liberators can agree on much of anything, and their hierarchy is practically non-existent. While not paladins--they shine, dedicated fervently to a cause idolized by the Great Flame, or Averium, a divine relic of Elhim's great work and intent. However, they're often distrusted--and viewed as nutcases, lunatics, and impulsive. Few people will take them at their word, viewing them as untrustworthy, and some townships may drum them out on discovery.

Averium is not a God. Averium is what Liberators call the Flame of Freedom, set down in the center of what is now the Veyshan Desert. The scholars of the Flame state that it was placed there by the Original Source, Elhim, to remind the Gods of mortal free will. They say that Maugrim the Oppressor then took offense, and that He and Taara then called upon their godly might in ways that sought its extinguishment. Such was the rage of the gods of darkness against this symbol of free will that their efforts created the desert--and the flame burned brightly, still. Veyshan would then grow around it, with the flame mostly forgotten save for those Liberators who know its secrets and guard it. Others argue that it is nothing but a symbol, and one organization within Veyshan holds that it's the remains of a singular, burning genie who had offended the gods of light by inventing slavery.

And yet, another account:

This is ridiculous. First of all, while this so called 'Keeper' (who appointed this incompetent anyways? It wasn't any of -us-), can claim all the divine inspiration he wants, none of us were there. This is just one story of many, and the others bear repeating more. For example, several of us believe that Tarien is responsible for the flame, that he tricked all the other Gods into investing some of their power into a torch, and then he set it upon the world to remind the Gods that even they are not above manipulations of others and, thus, whenever they look upon the world, they see the flame and are thus reminded that mortals must be given choice, or else soon even they will have none. And we already have a very large, very angry population of Veyshanites that blame the Flame -for the desert itself-. And you want to go and make them RIGHT? Gods, man. Divine inspiration. Please. It's more li--" here, the pen trails off here and there appears to be a small, dried blood stain at the bottom of the page.

PrC: Liberator

Organization: Liberators of the Flame of Averium