Kyra Smith

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Kyra Smith – Jotun Armorsmith Kyra.jpg

Kyra does not remember much of her early childhood. There are vague memories of people much larger than her, and time spent under the open sky day and night. Then things became darker, with guttering flames providing sight and smell. Sound increased while signs of affection became lessened. Two parents Kyra can barely remember were replaced by a smaller man and a large machine.

Kyra’s parents, Valk and Irna, were a pair of wandering Mercenaries, helping towns defend against raiders of various types, from Fel Orcs to Ogres. They would fight for Food or Coin as their patrons could afford. When Kyra was born they spent only a short time in one place before returning to the road, always making sure that Kyra was somewhere safe when they plied their trade. That way if something were to happen their daughter would survive.

‘Something’ occurred in the town of Red Oaks in the north eastern reaches of Myrddion. A reasonable sized trade town surrounded by and supported by smaller farming villages, Red Oaks boasted a pair of former adventurers, Turin a fighter turned Innkeep and Martigan a Steam Titan who worked as the town Blacksmith. Normally these two figures and the town Militia were enough to hold off any threats, but some times they required additional support.

When Red Oaks hired Kyra’s parents, they were faced with a marauding band of Bugbears coming out of the Dragonspine Mountains. While individually these beast-men would have been little trouble for the Town, their numbers proved to be daunting. Even with an increase of Militia from the neighboring villages, the threat was formidable. A pair of Jotun Fighters, specializing in fighting numerous lesser opponents, would certainly turn the tide.

What Red Oaks was not expecting was that the Bugbears were under the command of a Young Red Dragon named Cinderblight. When the combined resistance of the Town threatened to push back the raiders, the Dragon made an appearance, killing Valk in his first dive. Irna, Turin and Martigan fought valiantly against the beast, driving it off, and scattering its minions. But the toll was high. Kyra was an orphan, the Turin had lost an arm, and only Martigan’s Titan Armor prevented him from taking similar injuries.

The people of Red Oaks had no idea what to do with Kyra. They had agreed to look after the child, but no one really wanted to be the one to look after her. Further more, the large toddler was loud and their attempts to sooth it failed. Eventually Martigan was asked if he could do something. While he had no more idea what to do with a Jotun child than the rest, he tried anyway. Initially he was unsuccessful as well, but with an inspired stroke he donned his Titan armor again. The larger bulk of the armor reminded Kyra of Valk, and she calmed down enough to eat and fall asleep.

While Martigan assumed that would be the extent of his dealings with the girl child, the town had other ideas. Without him having any say, they decided he would raise Kyra, with additional food being provided for her by the townfolk. Martigan initially protested, but was won over by the lovable nature of the child. At first he had to wear the Titan Armor all the time, but it only took a few months for Kyra to get used to him out of his shell.

For her part, Kyra was sad with a loss she didn’t understand, and only the familiar bulk that the Titan Armor provided would be a comfort. She soon came to accept the ‘Little Man’ as a provider, but it would take her a couple years before she realized that ‘Uncle Marti’ and ‘Titan’ were the same person. In that time she would learn to be more ‘Civilized’, using an outhouse instead of a bush, eating with Forks and Knives instead of fingers, using spoons, eating vegetables. Martigan taught his young Charge to speak both Tradespeak and Khazdul, for many of his contacts were of the Stoutfolk.

Years would pass in Red Oaks, and Kyra would soon outgrow her ‘Uncle’ even though she was only a decade old. There were bad times when the loss of her Parents would threaten to overwhelm her, and good times with her new ‘family’ and friends. While some of the townfolk worried about the Jotun playing with their children, Martigan was careful to instill Kyra was a sense of responsibility about her size and strength.

One thing Martigan both failed and succeeded in was instilling Kyra with a sense of cleanliness and order. He failed because he was a bachelor, and had little of either. Oh his workspaces were clean and his tools kept immaculate, but even those spaces were a disorganized mess, and the other areas of his house weren’t even that neat. However this had the reverse effect on Kyra, who became something of a neatfreak. She wasn’t as rabid about cleanliness as some, but worked hard to make sure the house was neat and tidy. This amused Martigan to the point that he acquired a pair of ‘Cleaning Gloves’ for Kyra so she could cast a minor cantrip to make cleaning easier.

There was no question in anyone’s mind that Kyra would apprentice with Martigan as a Smith. Even before the question might have been raised the Jotun was spending a lot of time in the Forge, watching her Uncle. Her large size and natural strength made it an ideal profession for her. While she proved less than adept at the magical artifice Martigan used, she was a natural taking part in the militia training that Turin (now with an artifice arm) provided to all townfolk willing to take up a spear.

Turin noted Kyra’s martial talents and encouraged her with additional training. Martigan had no problems with this, as long as Kyra continued working the Forge with him as well. This split pleased Kyra, who spent less time with her friends and more time under her two Masters. Turin’s other ‘special pupil’ was the Miller’s son Mitchell, who at over six feet was nearly a match for the Jotun’s Size. Kyra and Mitchell went through a short romance, but ended up just good friends. Mitchell ended up marrying Turin’s daughter, which everyone agreed was for the best.

While Martigan did not try to teach Kyra the magics of the Artificer, the Jotun fighter was interested in her Uncle’s Titan Armor. Martigan encouraged this interest, assuring his apprentice that if she committed herself to the study, she could also have a Titan suit, even without Artifice. He showed her the Kulthian texts that explained the processes, as well as some Dwarven works that spoke of crafting magical armors without casting spells. As she passed her apprenticeship, he began to teach her to read Kulthian and the principles of Technology she would need to accomplish her goals.

The return of Cinderblight came without warning. Kyra was at the Tavern for a birthday celebration, Martigan back at the Forge tinkering on some project. Dusk had just descended into night when a massive beating of wings filled the air and the Forge burst into flames. Martigan managed to get into the Titan and out of the Forge before it collapsed around him, which the Tavern also cleared out, Turin, Mitchell and Kyra girding themselves. The battle against Cinderblight was a dangerous as before, but this time his initial focus was on Martigan, the only one who had escaped unharmed from their last meeting. Again the Dragon was driven off, but the cost was the Titan’s Life.

Kyra, now an adult but once again an Orphan, was at a loss for what to do now. While the townfolk encouraged her to stay on as the town’s Smith, all of Martigan’s texts were gone, and without it Kyra could not pursue their shared dream of her becoming a Steam Titan. Turin understood Kyra’s need to follow that dream, and encouraged her to travel to complete it. As for Cinderblight, Turin sent a letter with Kyra to deliver to Martigan’s Dwarven contacts. The letter would be a reward for the Dragon’s death. While Kyra and Mitchell both wanted to be part of this endeavor, Turin informed them bluntly that they’d only be getting themselves killed.

Kyra traveled to the Dwarves, but did not stay with them for none of them had the knowledge of Steam Titans she required. While they were willing to impart the secrets of Magical Crafting to the Jotun, their own Masters said she was not ready for those lessons, something that Martigan had told her previously. Instead they allowed Kyra to stay with them a for a year as she crafted her own suit of Full Plate and their Great Forges. After that Kyra left them, traveling southwards towards a place the Dwarves had mentioned. Alexandria.

Kyra did not rush her Journey Southwards. She had been told she needed experience, both crafting and fighting, before she was ready to continue her training. So her path southwards wove back and forth, the Jotun Fighter seeking out conflicts to assist in, monsters to fight and wrongs to right. She improved her Armor and equipment whenever she could, often spending a month or two in a town, working on weapons and armor for the militia in exchange for access to their smithy. When she met other Artificers she would engage them for lessons in technology, often trading her own knowledge of the Kulthian tongue as an exchange.

Kyra’s adventures brought her a number of magical items. Her own armor was enchanted by another group of Dwarves, which gave her the chance to see the skills she would learn when she was ready (Which she still wasn’t). She acquired a Magical Shield from an Ogre Bandit, and a Belt of Dexterity as a reward form an old ‘Adventurer’ who didn’t need it anymore. Krya’s weapons remained unmagical, for the Jotun had developed a preference for the Flail, focusing her Fighter training into controlling the battlefield instead of heavy damage. Her natural size lent well to tripping and disarming people, as it did for preventing them from passing her.

Eventually Kyra arrived in Alexandria, just in time for a great celebration. She did not rush her studies, instead finding a quiet room in the Dragon's Den to relax after many months on the road. She did not bother attending the Peace Confrence, and thus was caught unaware of the attack, and is now trying to figure out what to do, the same as everyone else.