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Some people say that ignorance is bliss ... and Ionus seems to be the rather cheery proof to this sentiment!

Adopted and raised from a young age by the Bright Wardens of Winter Reach, the young man has no memory of the fire that gave him his scars or took away his family while a toddler. He remained and trained with the monks until his mid teens when the head monk informed him that he should travel to Alexandria to find his calling.

Since his arrival, Ionus has found no end of chores or troubles from evil critters running the sewers to ancient horrors and betrayal amidst a war with his old homeland...not to mention the multiple times he's been killed...

Still, Ionus prefers to focus on the joys of life rather than the hardships and while he's happy to spar with anyone...although he tends to be extra keen on any competition where he might (hey miracles happen!) show up his Alexandrian 'rival'...Boshter! Yet even with the love of sparring, he is rather admanant in that the best drink is neither wine, nor ale, nor even beer...but milk -- especially when accompanied by cookies and most definitely shared with friends, since after all everyone should be happy and nice!

RP Hooks

  • Temple of Daeus
  • Friendship