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This page lists available feats on our MUX. If the pre-reqs listed here are different than the ones in the PRD, this means we've altered them to be inline with theme. Of course, typos may still occur. We do not allow Leadership or Improved Familiar at this time.

Additional feats that need added below

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Human "Fervor" Feats

Fervor feats are a special type of General feat intended for humans.

Though a flexible race, humans may also be creatures of both dedication and passion. The fervor feats represent human idealism and dedication.

Feats from 3.5

We also allow some feats from 3.5. Many of these are from the Complete books. WotC doesn't allow us to post information regarding these feats, so you will need to find it on your own. These feats are:

  • Practiced Spellcaster (Spellcraft: 1)
  • Short Haft (BAB 3+, Proficiency with a reach weapon, Weapon Focus with a reach weapon)