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Elyanna von Diesel

About My Character

A renegade 'Keeper' from Bludgun, arrived in town with a noblewoman and a maimed farmboy in tow. She carries a whip made of assorted locks of hair, and it tends to be her go-to problem solver, even during her bardic performances. While dedicating her efforts to help the 'greater good' in general, and the Temple of Althea in particular, she is nonetheless frequently callous and occaisionally drops into her aggressively assertive upbringing, particularly when she's startled or 'under the gun', though she'll usually catch herself at some point and try to right the ship. She wants to balance the ledger, so to speak, but as she says, 'She has things to unlearn'.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Slavery- She was a slavemaster a good chunk of her life, she's trying to turn a new leaf. Slavers need killing? Need to know something about the business? Got a bone to pick? Come on down!
  • Redemption- She recognizes the lie her life has been before now, and wants to make things right by her true family.
  • Family- An awkward topic, but she has occaisionally bonded with some due to... similar familial hangups.
  • Music- She's a bard, albeit of a type foreign to most Alexandrians, almost alien, but she does appreciate a collection of well played notes, and the means to produce them.