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Tools for GMs
I Need Help With... Look Here
Can I really just run a plot? Yes, anyone may run a plot at any time, without pre-approval. Please make an +event after, though!
How can I design an encounter? Basics of Encounter Design

More Advanced Encounter Design

Are there tools to make encounters easier? Combat Manager

Player-Contributed Encounter Grab Bag

Where can I find monsters? Tenebrae Bestiary

Monster Creation Table

Is the a GM chat? Where can I find help? addcom tpk=TPK
What if I want to offer legwork? What IS legwork? Legwork Mini-Guide for GMs
Didn't you run some PrP Workshops? We did! Check them out here!
I want to include dragons! Dragons are one of a small handful of creatures we set aside in order to keep them unique. They may not be used in PrPs.