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Sometimes referred to as the Ethereal Plane or sharing its name with the Deep Ethereal or Ethereal Sea, the Border Ethereal is not simply another transitive plane with a mechanical function to it. While it does serve its basic expected functions it is also the home of a deity of some power and so as such it has some features of a normal Outer Plane. Most regions in the Border Ethereal correspond exactly to the description of the Ethereal Plane that exists within the Dungeon Masters Guide.

Important Sites

The Palace of the Seas: Rada takes many forms, among them a great world-encompassing serpent and a white bearded king of the ocean depths. However he often moves through the Border Ethereal, guarding the Material Plane from the adverse effects of the Deep Ethereal Sea. If he is not here then he makes his home in the Elemental Plane of Water. His followers, given the forms of undersea creatures or humanoids of underwater origin, often follow him on his journeys or dwell within his great palace on the shores of The Deep Ethereal.

Moon Glow: The divine realm of the goddess of fate, destiny and white magic is known as Moon Glow. Here in this shimmering ethereal realm of ghostly substance, emotions, and desires the slumbering subconscious dreams of all mortals ultimately find their way. Those within the dream can witness the inner most thoughts of those on the material plane and even communicate through dreaming with those on the Material Plane. It is possible to visit Moon Glow via sleep. Those who dream of the plane can enter it in this fashion and when they do so they often find themselves interacting with its inhabitants in prophetic ways. Physically entering Moon Glow is also possible by means of planar travel but it can only be reached through the Ethereal Plane itself and not from the Material Plane in this matter.

Within the center of The Moon Glow lies the Gates of Celune: The silvery white palace of Eluna the Dreaming Goddess. An ageless forest encompasses this palace which itself rises from a boundless sea of liquid like an aurora in watery form. Lycanthropes who come to this domain can change shape freely and are always in control. The forests of this land are the dwelling place of elven petitioners and practitioners of powerful and pure magic. All followers of Eluna or those who value her beliefs can experience the wonders of the Ivory Dream and the Gates.

Moon Glow

The Moon Glow is an independent demiplane that can only be reached by passing through the Border Ethereal. It has the following traits.

  • No gravity until the Gates of Celune are reached. Movement is accomplished by force of will.
  • Timeless though not retroactive when one departs.
  • Infinite Size
  • Highly Morphic. Those who wander Moon Glow can find that they can shape the ethereal mists via a dream like substance to form images, locations and even objects though they always retain a dream like quality. Those petitioners who pass through The Dream and enter the Gates of Celune find that the realm is Alterable Morphic with the divine realms themselves being divinely morphic.
  • Mildly good aligned.