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Everyone loves giant, horrible worm monsters, right? Well, it appears that a spawning ground for the infamous purple worm has been found in a valley in the nearby mountains. The guild doesn't think this is a coincidence as a result of reports from a particular network of tunnels carved into a mountain by the demon-binder, Asumit, and a party of the strongest adventurers has been dispatched to see to it and investigate the spawning.

This is why you're on your way there now, following your maps to the location after being dropped off relatively close by militarized airship.

"They aren't always purple, you know." Munch happens to share with anyone who will listen, since the crew stopped him from amusing himself dropping things over the railing. "They usually are, sure, but seen red ones, grey ones, black ones... rainbow silver one once, but that one turned out to be all an illusion... was a weird day..."

Morgan looks to the group "I was hoping they were Dire worms, about as big as purple ones but not as dangerous.." the later with a sad pout as she hovers a few inches off the ground as she follows the group. "But if we need to rest I got us covered." she looks to Seldan with a nod for telling her to prep that spell.

It is either coincidence or irony that the destination is relatively near and/or comfortable transportation was arranged not long after Verna acquired a conveyance to avoid the hassle of long rides or walks. In any case, it is yet a small blessing. Of course, after landing, walking remains. Fortunately it is not expected to be lengthy. "As I understand, these may be of an unusual or unknown variation, as well, regardless of pigmentation.

"These are unlikely to be ordinary purple worms." Seldan has been quiet on the journey thus far, and somewhat preoccupied. He has come fully prepared for a long journey, and for trouble, and his whole bearing is calm, but sober. He is all business right now, and returns the nod to Morgan. "My thanks, Loremaster, for that. There is precious little, if any, safe place to rest, if the breeding ground is as I suppose."

"The purple worms that spawned it may have been consuming some of the demons that roam the area, and possibly things spawned of Thul's realm as well," he explains as they walk, his eyes roaming the area around him. "They may be ... changed by that which they have consumed, and I cannot say which has had more influence."

Kravar has wings and uses them liberally, spending as much time in the air as he does on the ground and often flying high enough to survey the upcoming terrain. He drops down in time to catch the last bit of conversation. "Hah! A purple worm is larger than my boat. Only in Alexandria, would we even have to make the distinction between 'ordinary' and others."

If Seldan has been quiet, Serene has been next to mute for the entire length of the mission so far. No questions at the briefing, no assessment of her allies. If she's had to she's communicated with nods, shakes of her head, and the very, very occasional single word reply. It is no secret that she fell in battle recently... and the fact that it has taken her far longer to reappear in public light after her return has been easily noted by those who keep track of such things. Even now, on the ground, hands running over the straps holding the light chain barding in place upon her griffon companion Silver, she continues to maintain a figurative distance.

Munch buzzes quietly and nods. "Speaking of, make sure you've got a knife handy. Goes poorly if you get swallowed by one of the things and have no way to cut yourself out." He peers at teh magic users for a moment. "Guess teleporting free could work, but never tried it."

Morgan listens to the group "Well what I know about them is they are large enough to engulf some one with little effort and they have a poison stinger so if we can fight it above ground would be advised." she hopes its that simple. "They do have a thick hide so hit them hard."

"A wise precaution," Verna notes to Munch's advice. "While I cannot speak to wurms, specifically, being swallowed entirely is ... most unpleasant." Perhaps it is less so with wurms, but she is rather doubtful. "Should they prove to be empowered by other realms, there are protections and remedies available."

Seldan has from time to time cast a glance at the silent Serene, but his thoughts remain his own as he walks, listening to each of the others in turn. "A prudent notion," he agrees. "I know not exactly what it is that we face, and I know little enough of this Asumit, but if the Guild is concerned, then I shall heed the warning. I can speak but to a previous venture."

Munch nods again in agreement. "Worms, demons, slimes, really big frogs.... well, technically I was really small at the time... it was a thing... but yeah, once you get eaten it's really kinda all the same. Grindy fleshy chrushing parts, and acidic juices. Sometimes fire, sometimes internal gut monsters, but generally unplesant." The golem knows way more about being eaten than is likely healthy... then again... he also eats a lot of abnormal things, so, sorta has a perspective from both sides of the issue?

Arrival at the valley where the 'noise complaint' was initially registered, by the maps anyway, you're struck by it's relatively undistubed appearance. Then again, purple worms tend to lleave little evidence of their passage to maintain their status as ambush predators.

Yes, they're technically that.

In any event, there's no *immediate* sign of them.

Which is probably about what one would expect.

Having been doing aerial scouting, much like Kravar, Serene and Silver touch down once the worm assault force has made it to the edge of the valley where the worms are supposed to be. She does not dismounted, though the griffon does kneel down to bringer her head closer to talking level with most of the others. "I believed we have two options." More words than she's said this entire trip. "Though truly just one, for hunting them inside the tunnels would be foolish. Thus I suggest we draw them out. They like to ambush their prey. Let us give them prey to ambush. "

Kravar pans his gaze across the valley. "I was really hoping catch them above ground. How are we going to bait them out?" He glances at the rest of the party. "Does anyone know what they eat? How they hunt?"

Morgan hmms as she keeps a foot off the ground "I have a idea but need input to make it better." said to follow up with Serene "they sense things walking on the ground, so if we can have heavy rocks hit the ground from high up might summon it."

Munch says, “....i really kinda just planned to walk out, get eaten, cut my way free, aand finish off whatever else shows up... but a real tactical sort of plan might work too.”

"It may well be that they already know that we stand here, if they sense footfalls upon the very ground." Seldan looks from face to face, the epitome of sober focus. "We ought to spread out, I think, that it not attack us all at once..." As he speaks, he looks to Serene, questioningly - almost as if for approval?

Verna's hood pans to Munch as she considers. "That... is not the worst plan that I have heard in recent memory, in fact." Whether this is boon or bane remains a matter of debate for another time. "I concur," she adds to Seldan, taking several light (by nature of her stature and equipment and surely not by intent) steps away from those larger and/or heavier.

Morgan nods "thats why I am flying, but you all might feel the ground shake before it pops out. But do avoid the stinger if you can the poison is nasty." she gets 10 feet in the air "I will help to keep a eye from up here out of reach." at least she is honest about staying away from danger if she can.

Kravar sets his shield on his arm. "We want some of us to be attacked," he says. "But not all. Munch and I, possibly others who plan to fight hand to hand." He looks at Morgan and Verna. "Perhaps the two of you should remain high enough above the ground that you're out of their reach."

Serene gives a short, curt nod Seldan's way.. though she manages to include the others' input as well. "I do not think the rocks will work... creatures such as these would likely have refined their ability to distinguish various surface disturbances. And Seldan is likely correct, they are probably already aware that there is something on the edge of their hunting fields. They may already be moving towards us. I suggest following Seldan's idea, perhaps grouping off with those who have some ability of flight or another. But we should not stray too far from one another... there is probably more than one, and we would not wish to become divided." There is a pause before she adds, "I will descend into the valley first. If these creatures have been influenced by demonic and undead powers.. then a paladin of my stature who has been newly returned ought to be a tempting target."

Munch has what passes for a plan, and what passes for approval. And so he takes off into the valley at a light jog, looking for worm sign. Well, 'light jog' for him... a barbarian who doesn't breathe... 'dead run' by most standards. His large draconic wings spread, but only for balance, the golem stays firmly on the ground... for now.

Seldan blurts out, without thinking, "Serene, are you certain of this? My presence may well suffice the purpose, and I would not have you so risk yourself, so ...." He stops, as Munch takes off at a run into the valley, and he looks back at the others, his eyes wide. "Does he venture - alone?" He scowls, then controls it and mostly manages to erase it to a frown of disapproval. "We ought not leave him alon..."

Kravar peers into the valley in a different direction than Munch. He reaches into his haversack and produces a flail, and then a second one appears, this one glowing. He practices a bit and then begins walking in his chosen direction. He uses the two flails to thump the ground in time with his own steps, but a few paces ahead of his actual feet.

GAME: Seldan casts Magic Circle Against Evil. Caster Level: 15 DC: 20

GAME: Serene casts Death Ward. Caster Level: 20 DC: 26

GAME: Serene casts Magic Circle Against Evil. Caster Level: 20 DC: 25

GAME: Serene casts Greater Magic Weapon. Caster Level: 20 DC: 25

GAME: Verna casts Death Ward. Caster Level: 15 DC: 19

Serene pulls a slim rod from her pack even as Munch charges off. She narrows her eyes, but rather than chase after him she dismounts. She approaches Verna, first, rod held in one hand as she touches the vardaman, warding her. Another ward gets placed upon the winged aesier.. and the last places upon her shield as she readies it. Then she slips back into her saddle, Silver rising up as she does so. His wings unfold, snapping once, twice.

GAME: Morgan casts Bull's Strength. Caster Level: 13 DC: 21

Morgan asks before casting the spell on the Grifon to make it stronger "good luck my beautiful friend." said as she does love big birds. She takes in the air to 50 feet as she keeps a eye on the ground near Munch.

...and so you wait.

A minute. Two minutes. You're making noise.

Three minutes, four minutes. Nothing.

Five. Six. Seven.

Still nothing.


Nope, nothing.

Nine... Wait, was that a rumble? Naw, no. It was one of the airships in the distancew.


...and then, you hear it. A sound, a slithery, squelching sound. Boiling up from the ground all around you is a *swarm* of tiny, bone-white creatures. Larva.

Purple worm larva, almost certainly.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  ATTENTION  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Whirlpool has dropped a TIMESTOP!

Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Whirlpool to instruct you further. You may earn RPP by logging a scene for a GM.

For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 20.
     It is now Morgan's turn! Kravar is next!

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (17)+16: 33

GAME: Morgan rolls 10d6: (32): 32

GAME: Morgan casts Fireball. Caster Level: 13 DC: 22

Morgan spots them and as she drops a fireball and gives a naughty word "Crap they are resistent to fire use other spells... Or a ton of fire." she then keeps a eye open for other things.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 17.
     It is now Kravar's turn! Serene is next!

GAME: Kravar rolls 33-5+1: (3)+33+-5+1: 32

GAME: Kravar rolls 3d10+26: (17)+26: 43

Kravar squints at the swarm of tiny works, then blinks as his vision blurs from their movements. He spreads his wings and lifts into the air. As he passes over the edge of the swarm he reaches down and lowers his sword so that the tip of the glowing blade is dipped into the swarm. As he moves over them he drags the downturned sword along with him, bisecting a few of the tiny specimens like a plow furrowing through earth. Having fought his share of such swarms of vermin before, Kravar knows how hard it is to strike them with a sword - sometimes impossible for the tiniest of insects - and counts himself fortunate to have done what damage he did.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 16.
     It is now Serene's turn! Munch is next!

GAME: Serene rolls 12d6: (49): 49

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+7: (16)+7: 23

GAME: Serene spends TWO uses of LAY ON HANDS.

Serene holds long enough to see Morgan's fire seeminly shrugged off by the mass of larvae... little evidence of burning or smoking. Kravar's fly by slash seems to fare better. She considers her own sword, then shakes her head and swings her foot over her saddle to drop to the ground. "Silver, pull back!" she calls to the griffon, then turns to face the writhing mass.. and instead of her sword, she grasps Eluna's disc. A silent puls of divine energy, little more than an extremely faint dome of silver light, expands and pushes around her.. where the light touches the worms, this time they seem to burn back.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 16.
     It is now Munch's turn! Larval Worms is next!

GAME: Munch rolls 7d6: (18): 18

Munch finds the tiny little larva incredibly cute. So much so that his maternial instincts take over, and he tries to feed the little darlings, vomiting up part of his last digested meal for them. Well okay, no, the golem is trying to harm the little demon spawn, but nature can be really gross sometimes. So can Munch, as he sprays out a geyser of green liquid across the swarm that sizzles at a touch and smell not quite like lemon and pine. Perhaps not the most effective effort, but at least they don't seem well fed by it.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 15.
     It is now Larval Worms' turn! Verna is next!

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+21: (14)+21: 35

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+21: (9)+21: 30

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 6d6+1: (23)+1: 24

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 6d6+1: (13)+1: 14

GAME: Munch rolls fort: (17)+18: 35

GAME: Serene rolls fort: (17)+34: 51

The horribly larval wqorms move. They crawl all over each otgher, slithering towards Munch and Serene. They're such a vast cloud of them that getting both of them, despite them not being right nex to each other, is more than doable. Each of them arqe receiving a rather large number of stings from their tiny stingers and they can feel that the larval do in fact have effective venom from the way the wounds burn.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 14.
     It is now Verna's turn! Stjepan is next!

GAME: Verna casts Haste. Caster Level: 15 DC: 18

Verna was expecting worms, or demons, or undead, or possibly demonic undead worms. Massive writhing swarms of one or more of the previous... had not exactly come to mind. Instead, she aids indirectly with a rapid utterance and gesture that expedites the utterances, gesturs and more of others.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 8.
     It is now Stjepan's turn! Seldan is next!

GAME: Stjepan rolls 1d20+27: (2)+27: 29

GAME: Stjepan rolls 6d6+18+12+1d6: (28)+18+12+(5): 63

Stjepan runs towards the mass of worms, unlimbering his flaming war-sword as he goes. He delivers a sweeping strike, an amulet on his breast gleaming with a particular light as he does so, driving his sword through the ass. He looks... concerned at the relative lack of results.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 7.
     It is now Seldan's turn! Morgan is next!

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (17)+16: 33

GAME: Kravar rolls reflex: (7)+12: 19

GAME: Seldan casts Flame Strike. Caster Level: 15 DC: 21

GAME: Serene rolls reflex: (9)+28: 37

GAME: Seldan rolls 15d6: (54): 54

GAME: Serene casts Paladin's Sacrifice. Caster Level: 20 DC: 24

Seldan -stares- as the demon worms boil forth, and begin to surround his companions, mesmerized for half a breath by the sheer -number- of the things. Mentally, he shakes himself - but by the time he does that, Kravar and Serene are covered in the things, and ... fire is not effective. He has had little opportunity to use this, but now seems like a good time to make the attempt.

"Serene, ware, I call Her fire!" is the only warning he can shout before invoking several complex sigils, stacked together and finished with a crescent and sphere. He shouts a final word, and the camera pans away from the battlefield, to the deepest reaches of the ... no, wrong plane. A pillar, a cylinder, of mighty fire the size of the swarm itself -slams- out of the sky, engulfing worms and companions alike, and a breath later, dying into nothingness and leaving a lot of dead larvae behind.

He'll apologize later.


     Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
     Round Two - Init 20.
     It is now Morgan's turn! Kravar is next!

GAME: Morgan rolls 13d6: (54): 54

GAME: Morgan casts Displacement. Caster Level: 13 DC: 22

Morgan fly bys Kravar "hope this helps." says before she makes some arcane words making Kravar seem in a different place.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 17.
     It is now Kravar's turn! Serene is next!

GAME: Kravar rolls fort: (18)+17: 35

GAME: Kravar rolls 33+1+1-5: (4)+33+1+1+-5: 34

GAME: Kravar rolls 33+1+1-5: (9)+33+1+1+-5: 39

GAME: Kravar rolls 28+1+1-5: (18)+28+1+1+-5: 43

GAME: Kravar rolls 23+1+1-5: (1)+23+1+1+-5: 21 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Kravar rolls 18+1+1-5: (12)+18+1+1+-5: 27

GAME: Kravar rolls 1d10+28: (6)+28: 34

GAME: Kravar rolls 1d10+28: (5)+28: 33

Kravar flinches as fire washes over him, but leaves him strangely untouched. No doubt some magical assistance from the rest of the party. He feels the familiar feeling of magical quickess. He sees Morgan nearby and from the sound of it she's layered yet another beneficial enchantment on him. Grinning broadly Kravar sets down and slashes away at the nearest worm larva. "Come and get it!" he shouts at the monsters, even though he doubts they can understand him.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 16.
     It is now Serene's turn! Munch is next!

GAME: Serene rolls fortitude: (20)+34: 54 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)

GAME: Serene rolls fortitude: (19)+34: 53

GAME: Serene rolls 12d6: (45): 45

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+9: (16)+9: 25

GAME: Serene spends TWO uses of LAY ON HANDS.

Seldan's warning draws her brief attention... and then she's moving. Not much. Footing is treacherous when one is being swarmmed by larvae, even at the edge of it. But she seems to know exatly where to step, how turn and duck to avoid the worst of flames that suddenly burst down to the earth from between parted clouds. She doesn't lose track of those fighting near her, however, and when she realizes Kravar won't be getting out of the way in time she reaches a hand towards him and releases another divinely granted spell. Kravar is briefly illuminated... and the singe marks that should have been gracing his form show up on her instead.

Then Serene rises again, clutching her disc to release another pulse of energy into the fiendish mass to the same effectiveness as before.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 16.
     It is now Munch's turn! Larval Worms is next!

GAME: Munch rolls fort: (17)+18: 35

GAME: Munch rolls fort: (3)+18: 21

GAME: Munch rolls weapon28+1-3: (16)+20+1+-3: 34

GAME: Munch rolls weapon28+1-3: (1)+20+1+-3: 19 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Munch rolls weapon28+1-3-5: (8)+20+1+-3+-5: 21

GAME: Munch rolls weapon28+1-3-10: (6)+20+1+-3+-10: 14

GAME: Munch rolls 1d10+11+9: (10)+11+9: 30

Munch swings his mightly blade, but the weapons transforms, the head detaching from the haft, pooling in moments to a soilid ball at the end of a short chain. The shift was expected, but still throws teh golem off a bit, sending his swings a bit wide, but still partly effective.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 15.
     It is now Larval Worms' turn! Verna is next!