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Local Landmarks

Fernwood Pub: The Fernwood is one of Alexandria's most well-known taverns, and has been destroyed (and rebuilt) a number of times. The most recent event in history was the Merkebah Siege.

Location: Alexandria City, A07

The Ox-Strength: If the Fernwood is Alexandria's treasure, the Ox-Strength is what it tries to keep hidden under the rug. A local dive for fishermen and adventurers alike, the Ox-Strength is known for its brawls, basic fare, and interesting clientele.

Location: Alexandria City, A06

Temple Square: Home to great temples dedicated to the deities of Light, the Square is well-known around the world and is a destination of pilgrimages. Some of the temples house well-known artifacts, such as Volume I of the Lux Luminos.

Location: Alexandria City, A10

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