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When you settle into Tenebrae, we ask you settle into the community. Treat others fairly, be a team player, give others a fair shake, and realize that a staffer is never merely suggesting that you knock it off.

Stats are secondary to a good attitude, and a willingness to step forward and work with others. They're the things we look for most.

We also look to maintain a safe, comfortable place where everyone can play. When settling down at our Gaming Table, then, don't be 'That Guy.' You know the one. The creepy, loudmouthed, oversexed, or pushy one you'd never invite back to your table. We wouldn't want to invite 'that guy' back to ours, either.

What is the Rating System for Emblem of Ea?

The Emblem of Ea uses a rating system similar to film. The OOC areas of the game, such as channels, the OOC Room and other such things are considered rated PG-13. The IC area of the grid is considered to be rated PG-13 /to/ rated R. The R rating is meant to exist to allow some flexibility where depiction of destruction, carnage and the occasional use of language is concerned. It is not meant to imply that the game is a free for all. On average, plots and roleplay on the grid are going to be PG-13 in tone, which, is the same rating that the Lord of the Rings movies received. You don’t get much more epic fantasy then those films and they fit right into the area of violence and style that our game generally uses.

This rating also combines with treatment of other players, and assumes a basic element of respect when dealing with one another.

What are the Basic Rules and Conduct for Emblem of Ea?

The Emblem of Ea, versus going into vast levels of detail and detailing out rule by rule by rule by rule for conduct, simply operates with a basic set of rules that we adhere to while also invoking the ‘Common Sense’ rule. In the end, it simply boils down to respect for one another and for the game and the strive to create a comfortable shared Mush Community.

We have created an environment that operates on the simple word: Trust. We 'trust' players to be responsible with their characters, with advanced races, with PrCs and with the IC theme. Every player approved is given a measure of trust, by the staff, to not operate in a fashion that is potentially harmful to the game. Breach of this trust will result in relevant levels of response. We prefer to give players the benefit of the doubt from the beginning and to work with them to make sure that their time on the game is as enjoyable as possible. But this requires that players work with us by not betraying the trust we place in them by giving them access to our game world and our game grid.
We’re here to have fun and to create a shared environment for everyone to enjoy. We’re interested in your feedback and your comments. Don’t be afraid to approach staff on issues. We require that all players @register with your moniker and your valid email on every PC account and to also note your current alts if you are creating a new character. You do not need to use your full name. This information is for record keeping purposes only, in the event we need to track a player down or contact the entire game at large during a major event such as a crash or a site move.
Harassment is not permitted. There may be times of tension -- large groups of people interacting often find problems. If there is a problem, our policy is to resolve it politely. In some cases, a third party from among the Staff may be involved as a mediator -- we are willing to try and work things out. As a whole the key words are Mush Community. We are not concerned with the number of logins, but rather, but with how well it hangs together. As a result, we reserve the right to remove players who make no effort to be a part of the community.
Players who make no effort to play with others, who go out of their way to make the MUSH unpleasant for other people, who spread rumors, or who are repeatedly involved in events that disrupt the harmony of the game, may be asked to leave at the discretion of Head Staff.
The PrP Runner is in charge of submitting the log. When a Player Run Plot is completed, the Plot Runner has the responsibility of editing and cleaning the log and then submitting a message to the Plot Queue that a PRP is ready for review. This doesn't mean you cannot ask for help.
We get asked about this sometimes--be mindful and not creepy.
Being asked to leave usually takes one of two forms.
  • A Temporary Break: An enforced leave of absence can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. After that period of time ends, if a player wishes they can return and speak to Head Staff about their dismissal from the site and discuss opportunities for their return. If staff are not satisfied and see no signs of progression between the time the player was asked to leave and the present, the player will simply be told that this is not the game for them.
  • Site Banning: Full on Site Bans are not done often and are not taken lightly. We impose Site Bans on players who are repeat offenders, players who breach many rules of conduct and players who simply cannot operate on the game without endangering the community. Staff never treat Site Bans lightly, but they can and will used as a method of dealing with problem players, too.

There are many things that are not specifically covered in policy. No set of rules is exhaustive. However, events may, at any time, require more rules to be added or written. In addition, any violation of a category listed below that is not specifically mentioned beneath its topic is still a valid violation. These lists are not all-inclusive, but are meant to illustrate what we think are the most common examples of these problems.

As a whole the key words are Mush Community. We are not concerned with the number of logins, but rather, how well it hangs together.


Tenebrae as a game is fairly LGBTQ friendly. This extends to general OOC as well as IC attitudes (although in some nations it may be seen as less common, possibly quirky, and so on, just as with other cultural elements). It also extends to general respect--and is one of many reasons we ask people to refrain from making that "99 lb, 5'6" elven sorceress of the goddess of Love with the DDD cups and a split up to her thigh who happens to be a lesbian." That isn't a character. It's a fetish, and it's disrespectful. Don't do it. Even if it wasn't either of these, it would be building a PC which is against the focus of the game, which is adventure and general-RP oriented.

What are some basic rules regarding staff members?

Staff are volunteers here, and give up a great deal of time. As a result, we expect players to treat staff with the same respect and courtesy with which they would like to be treated. If there is a conflict with a Staff DM, the player may appeal to Head Staff for resolution. They will evaluate the situation, and will take whatever steps are deemed necessary. We require logs to support the statements if there are allegations of improper behavior.

We ask that you trust the DM Staff and respect their rulings. If a DM is running a scene, you may politely point out an error. The DM's ruling, however, is final for the duration of the scene. The important thing is to keep things moving and fun for everyone; so, please keep it short and if there is a debate, discuss it later. If this DM ruling leads to severely unfavorable results for the player, he may appeal to the Head Staff but sometimes the answer is simply going to be No.

Staff alts are considered their places of haven and privacy. Please do not page staff alts for any reason related to staff business unless there is a dire emergency such as a threatening guest, or other relevant incident and you see no staff member online. Also, do not page off duty staffers. This includes pages that start with the famous; “I know you’re off duty, and you don’t have to answer, but I was just wondering ‘X’.” Such a page is basically an attempt at baiting an off duty staff member into action and it is considered rude. The same applies for paging dark staff members. The ‘I didn’t know you were dark’ excuse is not valid. A simple check of the WHO reveals who is online and who is not.

What about Alts, and Alt secrecy?

Why would we? In a tabletop, other players know who you are, and who you play. It isn't much different here--as you spend time in our community, you'll learn which PCs are played by which staff. Likewise, we expect other players to be truthful about their alts, and who they play. It's part of the trust, and transparency, that is Tenebrae.

What about plot secrecy?

Past a point, secrecy can break a game. We ask that players be mindful, and find ways to share information with one another. We also take a stand against cliques and things like circle running or nomming.

I wanted to write a post/rumor/etc. Can I write it about another character?

From Tribune articles to Small Stories and other posted materials, we ask that you refrain from "downgrading" other characters or players, though you may certainly describe their actions or talk about their involvement in an event, roleplay, and so on. This is mostly as we'd rather folks work out their differences through OOC communication or by working through staff than other methods. This isn't to discourage IC conflicts. It's more, there is no need to make an extended post describing someone as a doodyhead. ...and we really don't want involved in it, either.

Do you care about grammar and things like that?

As we are a text-based medium, we expect some care to be given to making yourself understandable to others. This means taking care to use basic grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. We understand that not everyone may be an expert; we just expect you to place your best foot forward and do what you can. This applies to the OOC room especially. As Tenebrae is not a Yahoo or Facebook-style chat, the expectations are somewhat different.

This policy does not exclude the use of accents, though most players would prefer accents be kept light. A good rule of thumb is to come up with a few, consistent "rules" for an accent, and one or two trademark phrases: such as simply replacing every "hello" with a "hulo." In other words, try to keep it light, consistent, and simple. Accents have long been used by classic authors such as Mark Twain, Steinbeck, George Brenard Shaw, and John Berendt, after all.

What are some examples of Policy Breaches?

Some examples of policy breach includes:

  • Hacking another player's PC object.
  • Spying on other players through the use of code, including Invisible Objects.
  • Hacking any aspect of the MUSH, be it hard or soft code.
  • Attempting to impersonate a Staff Member or a Fellow Player in any fashion, be it @emits or anything else.
  • Unnecessary vulgarity in public forums such as the OOC room and public channel.
  • Any acts of racism, bigotry and lack of tolerance for others.
  • Lying to staff members.
  • Lying about, or otherwise attempting to falsely incriminate other players or staffers.
  • Creating a PC for the express purpose of trolling, or harassing other players.
  • Intentional violation of written rules.
  • Harassment, which includes trolling another player. Especially if you feel he or she 'deserves' it.
  • Baiting or provoking other players or staff to anger. This includes playing characters whose primary/only intent is to antagonize.
  • Exchanging information or items between alts.
  • Using OOC information for roleplay. Including inconclusive OOC information such as using your feelings on a matter OOCly to influence your roleplay.
  • Posing your PC doing things beyond the means of their abilities.
  • Ignoring your +sheet.
  • Using Player Run Plots as a means to attack other player characters.
  • Using the game primarily for sexual RP
  • Going against alignment; we aren't interested in policing closely, it leads to headaches. Rather, we look for more obvious examples, such as attempting to gain control of armies of demons while claiming neutrality.

What are some of the penalties for Breach Of Conduct?

When policy and conduct breaches occur, staff will confer with one another as to the best way to handle the situation. Staff will use their best judgement in determining the proper punishment to the player. Repeat offenders receive less and less leeway when it comes to staff doling out appropriate punishments for activities. Below are some example of actions that staff might take.

  • Required apology to all parties involved.
  • Removal from the game on a temporary basis. (30 to 90 days, typically.)
  • Siteban and complete removal from the game. (After repeat offenses)
  • Probation and restriction from some activities such as Staff and Player Plots
  • XP Docking and Scene Retcons.
  • Removal of Alts from the grid.

What about private RP, such as TS (TinySex) and other themes?

Emblem of Ea is first and foremost a D&D game. It is not a chat forum designed to be able to accommodate all types of activity that someone may dream of. That said we have had people come onto the game in the past interested in using the game as a means to attract sexual attention and roleplay. Bluntly, the game is not built for that purpose and we frown on that. If that is your purpose for being here, you will be asked to leave.

However, TinySex is not outright banned. We ask however, that it not be the focus of your roleplay. That is, it is discouraged as it is not the purpose or intent of our game. As a D&D-based MUSH we expect to maintain a high-fantasy setting that is safe and comfortable to participate in. Any sexual roleplay should be confined to private pages, not made public, and should adhere to theme in every way. If you’re looking for TinySex in order to experiment in non-genre fetishes or other forms of experimentation then this game is not for you and you will be taken aside by staff.

Discreet relationships are generally assumed to be just friends by the populace, and public displays are considered by and large inappropriate. Anything else is not well regarded by the general populace.

The admin reserves the right to investigate instances of players who are on this game for the sole or express purpose of seeking sexual roleplay or centering their activities around that. Characters created for the primary reason of TS will not be approved--that is, don't be the guy apping the Cha 18 shadow elf sorcereress 'lesbian who also likes men' with the simpering disposition, and pages of description dedicated to the slit up her dress*, or the tiny halfling who looks young and childlike, with an exotic dancing hobby. It's kind of creepy, dude. Okay, it's more than creepy. Don't do that shit.

* This is an actual, sad trope that exists. No, we're not making this up. Yes, we all wish we were.

What are examples of Banned Content?

The following consists of content that has no place on the game or is not feasible for player characters.

  • Emblem of Ea has a strict no rape policy. Victims of rape, sexual assault and other things that are 'out of genre' for the average D&D setting. This is both roleplay and character backgrounds. Offenders via roleplay will have all of their character approvals revoked and asked to leave the game. For the backgrounds of certain characters, please use common sense and remember our game theme and tone.
  • Under-aged Characters. D&D and the system assumes your character is at least old enough to be capable of being a 2nd level character in their class. We do not approve young children PCs or other PCs that are better suited as NPCs. This includes suggestively desc'd "like a young child" halflings and other small races. Don't be creepy. This is one of the few things we list as bannable content.
  • Characters that seem to have no goal or purpose other then to antagonize other players.
  • Characters that show no sign of existing within the theme but seem thrown together just to get something approved are not allowed.
  • Evil PCs are not approvable. Evil characters are not appable--we've tried, and it has just not worked out. Likewise, placing N on your +sheet and playing evil anyway is not allowed.
  • The point based system allows for the creation of fairly potent characters. But we are sensitive to all character types that might be seen as power gaming. Unjustified high stats, excessive min-maxing and blatant abuse of the game system are all scrutinized closely by staff.