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Gareth says, "Yeah. Francis is awesome and I love watching the conservatives in this coutnry squirm and have a fit cause they can't scream their undying hate at him entirely because there are still a few Catholic Republicans out there."

Amithil says, "ok bye"

Amithil says, "I think I came to the wrong side."

Amithil says, "site, rather."

Amithil says, "I didn't know it was that hyperpolitical."

Gareth snickers. It's typically not. I just love knocking American conservatives. And libertarians. Oh man, Libertarians are hilarious, but I guess I'll close this can of worms.

Gareth says, "so how about them christ killing jews, huh?"

Amithil says, "Yeah I don't feel welcome here now."

Amithil says, "with this kind of hateful political extremism."

Gareth says, "Bahaha, if you say so."

Amithil says, "is this the site position or is this kind of rhetoric just tolerated?"

Rhar says, "This is the OOC lounge and people have a tendency to spew things. It is expected to be kept polite and non-offensive, however."

Gareth says, "Little bit of column A, little bit of column B. Though I'm sure I'll get a talking to out of this."

Rhar says, "None of which represents any opinions of anyone other than the speaker."

Amithil says, "If putting up with this kind of abusive attitude is necessary for playing here then It's time to delete my character."

Gareth says, "Wow, really? Abuse?"

Rhar says, "Not at all. You don't have to put up with Gareth at all."

Amithil says, "I'm not going to sit here and put hours in just to be treated like garbage by some immature jerk."

Gareth says, "I'm a liberal that lives in the buckle of the Bible Belt in a state redder than a baboon's ass. You don't even know abuse. ;)"

Amithil says, "adn if staff refuses to do anything aobut this then I don't feel welcome here."

Amithil says, "i'd rather leave the political extremists to their own cesspool."

Amithil says, "I'm being paged that this is recurring behavior that isn't being stopped."

Pendleton says, "Aaaand there goes the store credit. Ha ha ha"

Gareth says, "Well feel free to complain to Lahar and Whirl if you want."

Gareth says, "Watcha get?"

Rhar says, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, though it should be kept polite."

Amithil says, "If Gareth does this all the time this is a very nasty place."

Jessamy says, "I don't think that's a fair assessment."

Amithil says, "which is disappointing since it'd seemed nice so far."

Roland wakes up, "Err...OK Amithil / Gareth -- This is precisely the kind of stuff staff has repeaedly put the kabash on before -- precisely for this reason. We're here to play a game, not argue OOC politics or religion or to call one another names.

Amithil says, "I'm not tolerating this abuse. And nobody's doing one thing to stop it."

Jessamy says, "Not true."

Jessamy says, "And I told you that's not true."

Sandy has disconnected.

Amithil says, "Oh good now Roland's blaming me because Gareth went on a political tirade against me and I objected."

Gareth says, "If you want to take my opinion that the conservatives of this country don't approve of Pope Francis message and that I like making fun on conservatives as some sort of extremist abuse, go right ahead."

Amithil says, "blame the victim."

Pendleton says, "That's not what Roland said at all."

Jessamy says, "No, it's not."

Gareth says, "Well, that's the thing. I wasn't going against you. I didn't even know you were conservative until you started getting mad."

Jessamy says, "I think you're both wrong. Gareth, I'm conservative too, but bet you never knew because I usually keep my mouth shut for precisely this reason."

Amithil says, "We're both wrong?"

Amithil says, "I haven't expressed a political position here"

Pendleton says, "Amithil, frankly, you are being absurd."

Amithil says, "I'm just objectting to being insulted."

Gareth says, "What was the insult, exactly?"

Jessamy says, "Gareth, some of the stuff you say really isn't funny. It's unnecessarily offensive and you don't caer who you hurt. Amithil, you're taking his crap way to personally and overreacting."

Amithil says, "I've been insulted."

Jessamy says, "Now. That said."

Amithil says, "And I'm being ganged up on because I'm the new person."

Whiteout notes that if anyone is offended by the actions of another, they are free to submit a @mail or request to staff at any time.

Amithil says, "Nah, Jessamy has informe dme staff knows about this."

Amithil says, "and it persists."

Amithil says, "Staff clearly donesn't give a rip. Or they'd remove the problem."

Jessamy says, "No, actually they're nice people."

Pendleton says, "There are a whole slew of people who have been asked to leave."

Amithil says, "so fine, this is a political extremists only site. I respect t hat. So I'm clearly ont welcome here."

Gareth says, "....I...what?"

Jessamy says, "What?"

Jessamy says, "Gareth will tell you I newspaper his ass all the TIME."

Amithil says, "this site likes to blame the victim for being randomly insulted by a political extremist"

Pendleton says, "Disagreement on interpreting things is not 'ganging up.'"

Whiteout arches a brow. "I think that is an overreaction, Amithil. One person comments and now we are all offending you? Also, if you wish staff's opinion, you may want to ask staff."

Amithil says, "I'm minding my own business, an dGareth goes off on some angry tirade."

Amithil says, "I express discomfort and I get blamed and insulted furtehr."

Gareth says, "It wasn't angry. It was more a joyful tirade."

Whiteout says, "Amithil. You are free to be upset at GARETH. GARETH DOES NOT EQUAL Tenebrae."

Amithil says, "You're a bigoted little troll Gareth."

Gareth says, "Tell me how you really feel."

Amithil says, "Staff isn't lifting a finger to stop this. I'm told STaff knows all about this beavhior of Gareth but hasn't done a damn thing to stop it."

Jessamy says, "Thats' not true. He been spoken to before about it."

Amithil says, "words are cheap."

Whiteout says, "Considering that I am staff, Amithil, I respectfully disagree."

Gareth says, "Well, what do you want them to do, start nailing together a crucifix?"

Amithil says, "if they found this behavior unwelcome they'd stop it."

Jessamy says, "Amithil, Whiteout is the coder."

Amithil says, "So staff is here and Gareth's abuse is left unchecked."

Amithil says, "Got it."

Amithil says, "how do I delete my images from the wiki please?"

Amithil says, "It's clear this is a left win gextremists only club."

Jessamy ...waht?

Gareth says, "The extremiest!"

Amithil says, "I'm leaving."

Gareth has disconnected.

Pendleton says, "Where do you live, a religious compound? Jeebus."

Gareth has connected.

Raethon says, "Pen, Gareth, jess....shush."

Gareth says, "I'll be quiet now. I wanna see this."

Amithil says, "If tolerating left-wing poltical abuse is necessary to play here then I'm leaving. I watn to remove my contributions from the wiki."

Gareth says, ":("

Amithil says, "this iamge needs to be deleted"

Amithil says, "and this page"

Jal has arrived.

Pendleton says, "Maybe take a break, see how you feel later"

Amithil says, "if i'm not allowed to express discomfort with bigoted tirates this is not the place for me."

Amithil says, "so I want to be removed from this site's wiki."

Whiteout says, "You can do so via the same means you added them, Amithil, if that is what you wish. Also, could you please inform me of who prevent you from expressing your discomfort, so that can also be dealt with?"

Amithil says, "actually there is no delete image button"

Amithil says, "I don't see one"

Amithil says, "where is that feature?"

Corra has connected.

Whiteout believes that you can go to 'Edit' and remove the link there.

Gareth tests something out for good measure. sorcerers r lame

Gareth says, "sorry summoners it is summoners that r lame"

Amithil says, "no there is no delete link"

Pendleton says, "Replace it with a picture of a rock or something?"

Amithil says, "I need this file removed"

Jessamy says, "You might need to go to the image itself."

Amithil says, "it keeps the history"

Amithil says, "Delete this account too."

Colrick says, "Upload a new pic over top of it."

Amithil says, "it keeps the old copies"

Amithil says, "I waont those removed."

Amithil says, "because if I reply to Gareth in kind I'm sure I will be banned."

Whiteout can forward your request to Lahar, the wiki guru. "I did not design the page, personally, unfortunately. I am more interested in the logic flow of this event."

Pendleton says, "Feel free to say liberals are stupid, if you'd like?"

Gareth says, "Nah, tell me how you really feel. :)"

Amithil says, "and since his baiting was not even questioened by anyone but me"

Amithil says, "shut the fuck up and kill yourself Gareth"

Jessamy says, "The rest of us ... ignored it because we know about it ...."

Gareth says, "Hee."

Amithil says, "I hope everyone you've ever cared about Gareth gets cancer and dies slowly."

Colrick says, "We've found ways to ignore him. We come from all walks of life, and not just the US."

Colrick says, "And that would be crossing the line, Amithil."

Raethon has smacked gareth numerous times.....

Amithil says, "Oh well"

Jessamy smacks Gareth all the time.

Whiteout says, "Amithil, is there some reason that you decided to become hypocritical?"

Amithil says, "Colrick You tolerated the abuse toward conservatives so I really don't give a fl yign fuck if you're getting squeamish now"

Amithil says, "You tolerate bigots like that. I want out of here. Delete my images."

Whiteout says, "Amithil, you are free to leave at any time. I regret that you immediately assume that one person's comments are the opinions of hundreds of people."

Amithil says, "Delete my images."

Whiteout says, "As I said, I will forward your request."

Amithil says, "Sure you will."

Amithil says, "Just like you said staff would sotp the abuse."

Amithil says, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Pendleton says, "Anyone mind a SLeepy HOllow spoiler?"

Pendleton says, "My wife's been watching it, so I sort of listen in while doing other stuff. Cute bit last night"

Amithil says, "I'll hav e to make sure to warn people this site is a hotbed of religious bigots."

Roland says, "Spoiler? How are you getting spoilers -- they just did their season finale didn't they?"

Gareth says, "who was I bigoted towards, religiously anyway?"

Pendleton says, "Well, spoiler for this season, I guess. Anyway, so bad guys are affected by sunlight or something"

Jessamy heh. Who knew? XD

Pendleton says, "And detective thinks '... wait, why don't we use full spectrum lights?' And Crane is like "... wut?""

Pendleton says, "And hey, it works."

Raethon says, "SO like vampires from interview."

Raethon doesn't watch sleepy hollow.

Pendleton says, "It should be noted for those not following the show that Ichabod Crane, in the series, is a Revolutionary war soldier bamfed into modern times."

Pendleton says, "So there's some fun stuff about him in modern day. Like being pissed about taxes on everything."

Roland says, "Heh...Used to mush with a lady who worked in S&P at Fox. I truly believe she went through torture NOT spoiling Buffy and X-Files for us :)"

Gareth says, "I've heard good things, but there is a major glut of modern supernatural/fantasy stuff out there. It's kind of sad that Constantine is getting low ratings, considering half the shows have drawn from/ripped it off."

Jessamy yawns. I could do with some RP. Anyone up? I can give you either Jess or Aldean, although Aldean's in a plot at 8 Eastern.

Pendleton nods to Gareth.

Amithil says, "not debating this whiteout"

Pendleton says, "Yeah, I frankly have about 10x as many shows to watch as ZI have time."

Jessamy whoops, cat's still locked up. Be right back..

Roland can't get in to Constatine though I kind of look up at it while the wife watches it.

Pendleton says, "I'd like to see Supernatural (I saw some of it), Constantine (following it more), that something somethin... Hemlock Grove? That. American Horror Story,,,"

Gareth says, "I don't think network TV can handle the full bastardness of John Constantine."

Pendleton says, "They've been doing a rather good job"

Gareth says, "I watch Supernatural. It's pretty good."

Roland says, "SH is just crazy kooky -- which makes it fun. Grimm sort of fits that groove as well. SPN is...just full of awesome."

Pendleton says, "Constantine is hitting the right... tone, I think."

Pendleton says, "There was a bit about a faith healer that managed to show the healer as deluded AND still validated faith and religion in certain respects. It was quite well done"

Gareth nods. I will binge it if it gets a second season.

Gareth says, "I'll have to at least watch the episode set in Alabama. Big up to B-Ham yo"

Pendleton says, "I saw some of Ascension, which has a REALLY nifty premise. And the premier was so so so so so amazingly horrible."

Gareth says, "Even though it looks like they just took some background transition shots of Vulcan and filmed the rest elsewhere."

Roland nods, "They stripped out the bisexuality and smoking is only hinted at -- but, there's nothing about the show that really grabs me. Maybe it's just the old issue's really hard to do magic well on screen."

Rhar has disconnected.

Pendleton says, "Premise is: AltHist, the Kennedy administration builds an arc, basically, to go to Proxima Centauri, puts a few hundred people on board."

Pendleton says, "So it's 60s era high tech. Ish."

Pendleton says, "Unfortunately, the design of the show basically looks like reheated Battlestar Galactica, and the dialog/directing is just... bad. Very very bad."

Gareth says, "Too bad, the premise sounds awesome."

Roland hasn't seen Ascension -- saw some comments on a writer's FB post, talking about how many scantily clad women and affairs show up in the first few minutes and how the writing and acting was just...horrid

Pendleton hehs

Pendleton says, "Mind you, my problem with a lot of scifi settings is that it seems that writers either lack the skill or confidence to leverage the setting, and instead fall back to high school drama. Or bad SHakespeare"

Roland says, "Bahahaa...Just got to torture the youngest again as he was asking if I had already bought him a birthday gift. (He turns 11 on Saturday) -- So I just responded, yep -- don't you like the new shoes you got last night?"

Pendleton says, "See: Nearly every Post-apocalyptic media (as I've said often)"

Gareth is still in his sad fugue state post binging OITNB. Not sure wether to start Black Mirror or finsih off Boardwalk Empire.

Roland says, "Ahd of course...he was LIVID :)"

Jessamy laughs at Roland. You are such a mean dad XD

Pendleton says, "My wife got our kids way too many gifts."

Pendleton says, "I'm like 'ok, we're moving in a few months, and they already have too much stuff they don't use.' Wife: "Ok! Click click click click click click click""

Gareth snickers. My brother got a good video of his 2 year old daughter telling him "I don't love you" in response to him telling he loved her, over and over. While she was sitting on the couch sipping juice and eating french fries. It was adorablely mean.

Roland laughs and laughs, "Oh...yeah, we literally can't see the living room floor for all the youngest's crap -- and still...he's getting plenty of stuff.'

Elessa has connected.

Aenyn has connected.

Roland knows that one a little too well. "These days it rolls off me, but first time the kid said that while angry...Ugh."

Jessamy ugh. I can only imagine.

Gareth says, "Yeah. She was just saying it being a contrary gobbo baby, as my brother calls her. The screams of "I hate you" will come later I'm sure."

Roland nods.

Jessamy says, "I)S that anything like a gobber baby?"

Aenyn pokes Jenner to read his @mail. D:

Roland says, "Nothing makes you appreciate your own parents / regret your own childish behavior quite so quickly as having kids of your own."

Gareth says, "Exactly like a gobber baby, minus the green skin"

Pendleton says, "When my mom was 8 or something, her mom told her she had to go nap. When my grandmother woke up from her own nap, she had a note on her chest that read: 'I hope you get the bubonic plague and die.'"

Gareth says, "She has a stuffed PF goblin somewhere."

Gareth says, "Haha, that's horrible Pen. And hilarious."

Pendleton says, "Kids."

Jessamy has reconnected.

Roland says, "Wow, our two never got specific with the diseases...occasionally they've cried out for me to die in a car crash or to have a bomb dropped on me or what not...but never hoped outloud for a specific ailment."

Corra has disconnected.

Elessa says, "the sad part is I would actually go to child and say 'Actually, the bubonic plague is curable, but the numonic plague is not... just so you know what to curse me with next time'."

Pendleton grins

Jessamy grins.

Jal has disconnected.

Pendleton bbls

Pendleton has disconnected.

Roland beams @ Elessa.

Jessamy says, "Kids really are awful creatures. I maintain that that's why they're cute."

Jessamy says, "S oyou don't kill 'em."

Elessa says, "What? I would like to have educated children :D"

Roland says, "That and penalties for murder...As a parent, i find somedays you just need to review those."

Jessamy laughs.

Gareth remembers the CK Louis bit about moving abortion up to 6 years and how malls would have dead kid bag dispensers everywhere.

Raethon whaps Gareth.

Jessamy newspapers Gareth.

Myrana has connected.

Gareth says, "What? It's not my bit. :("

Jessamy says, "THat's not even funny. That's just gross."

Jessamy anyhow.

Gareth says, "Many million FX viewers would disagree, but alright. :("

Jessamy says, "And how many people like Justin Bieber? Millions of people liking a thing doesn't make it awesome. :)"

Roland has seen similiar jokes, minus the body bag dispensers, from...catholics as well, though framed of "in favor of abortion, but only until the 12th trimester"

Jessamy ugh.

Jessamy thinks she just won't get into that discussion.

Elessa says, "Yeah, let's change topic, shall we?"

Elessa gets ready for caroling and white elephant Christmas party

Jessamy awww. I miss caroling.

Jessamy can't find a local group. All I ever find are performances.

Elessa says, "We had our concert last night... omg so tiring but awesome at the same time"

Roland caroled...twice between HS and college -- I...don't miss it, at all :)

Klythos has connected.

Roland wouldn't even think about trying since moving to the frozen tundra :)

Jessamy laughs. You'd be singing baby's It's Cold Outside.

Elessa says, "The weather seems it'll hold, and we're not going too late into the night"

Myrana has disconnected.

Jessamy D: I didn't know about this! Wolf Trap does one every year. NOTE TO SELF

Roland wouldn't even try to sing in a warm room -- been dealing with bronchitis for the past two and a half weeks -- I can't get enough breath to sing a single bar.

GAME: Aenyn triggers the random hook generator and receives: A townsperson needs help to stop a demonic incursion near in Sumore Manor.

Jessamy has partially disconnected.

Roland would be surprised if they didn't.

Tatyannah has connected.

Colrick says, "Roland, bronchitis is pretty nasty. Hopefully you got something to treat it? Mine went on a bit too long and I nearly came down with something permanent from the damage."

Gareth says, "Steroid shots is good stuff."

Amithil says, "I get back home, I See my images aren't deleted, and we moved on to abortion jokes"

Azog now sometimes goes out when our one smoker does, and gets his second-hand smoke. And break.

Gareth says, "we are a cruel and unfair people here at Tenebrae. Perhaps you can tell your tale of persecution on WORA."

Amithil says, "I guess othering is just a thing here."

Amithil says, "so delete my images."

Amithil says, "I need this file removed"

Gareth says, "Shit hold on I'll bang around on it if it gets you gone."

Elessa says, "Gareth, that's enough"

Amithil says, "die in a fire"

Aenyn O.o

Gareth says, "sorry I'm not used to such compassionate conservatism. ;)"

Amithil says, "If Gareth is going to use othering tactics from Mein Kampf and everyone else here just giggles and shrugs it off"

Gareth says, "Are you seriously hitting Godwin that fast?"

Amithil says, "I can't be associated with you people."

Elessa says, "You're not helping the situation, so why don't you go take a nice walk"

Amithil says, "Take my images from your site if you want me to take a walk."

Amithil says, "Otherwise I don't care what you think"

Elessa says, "I'm talking to Gareth, sorry"

Amithil says, "Gareth needs to go into the closet, get a sheet, and hang himself."

Elessa says, "That is not something to be used here either Amithil"

Gareth says, "Should be gone now?"

Amithil says, "then take my images off your site."

Gareth says, "Or at least switched out."

Elessa says, "Gareth, go"

Amithil says, "the images are still there."

Solace says, "Wow. This has escalated quickly."

Amithil says, ""

Gareth says, "NO idea how to delete the prior versions."

Raethon says, "She's been doing this for the past hour SOlace."

Solace has left.

Amithil says, "no, I was commutning home for 45 minutes"

Benthus has left.

Amithil says, "I came back and they were on to abortion jokes"

Amithil says, "before I left it was political and religious bigotry"

Amithil says, "and staff just giggles and does nothing."

Amithil says, "because this site smiles on othering and abuse."

Elessa says, "I was not on"

Elessa says, "And I am staff"

Amithil says, "so I want my images removed"

Gareth says, "how you have managed not to go off before this amazes me."

Elessa says, "In fact, most are at work at this time of day."

Amithil says, "I don't want to be associated wit this filth."

Raethon says, "Then leave."

Raethon says, "otherwise you're just being a troll."

Amithil says, "Fuck off and die Raethon"

Amithil says, "remove my images"

Elessa says, "It's deleted Amithil."

Amithil says, "now delete this account"

Elessa says, "I understand you do not think very highly of here, but your attitude is not helping either. Threathening or talking of people taking suicide is not appropriate in any situation."

Elessa says, "Account deletion will be handled."

Amithil says, "I don't care what you think you fascist."

Amithil says, "You tolerate biogtry and othering. That is what you are."

Raethon says, "For them to delete your account, you have to log off, Amithil."

Amithil says, "Kill yourself."

Raethon says, "You first."

Elessa says, "Please leave now Amithil."

Tatyannah ...

Amithil says, "Delete my account."

Amithil says, "if you want me gone don't try to keep my content."

Gareth says, "is that what you caused that Poser-wreck? ;)"

Amithil says, "If I ahd the means tod elete it msyelf I would have."

Elessa says, "Just log off and don't come back and we will handle the deletion."

Jessamy says, "Oh are we bacsk to this?"

Amithil says, "I don't believe you."

Amithil says, "Fascists tend to lie."

Jessamy says, "Amithil honey. You're behaving like a four year old."

Elessa says, "THen how about this, I personally don't know how and the other staff members that do know are at work."

Amithil says, "How about this, Fuck you."

Gareth says, "I think you are highly overvaluing your charbit."

Amithil says, "Your little Nazi rally is cute and all but I want off."

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Jessamy says, "THANK YOU"

Tatyannah says, "Holy hell. WTF?!"

Gareth says, "I swear to God, I'm like a crazy magnet."

Raethon says, "Sorry about that Elessa."

Gareth says, "First summoners guy and now her."

Azog says, "I totally failed to otherstand what that was all about."

Colrick says, "Gareth applied a needle to her thin skin, she exploded like a balloon."

Jessamy ...I gotta admit. Now I know where conservatives get a bad name.

Tatyannah pokes Gareth, "You are a provoker and you know it. I don't mind it, but I can see how people get upset. Not /that/ upset, 'cause /DAMN/."

Gareth says, "That was beyond conservative. That was "THE PILLS MAKE MY DIE INSIDE!"."

Jessamy nods at Tatyannah. There's discomfort ... and there's tableflip.

Amithil has arrived.

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Amithil has arrived.

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.


Amithil has arrived.

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Amithil has arrived.

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Amithil has arrived.

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Gareth says, "DUCK SEASON."

Amithil has arrived.

Colrick says, "RABBIT SEASON"

Raethon says, "WABBIT SEASON!"

Amithil says, "Fighting over who's on oven duty?"

Colrick says, "Raethon is more correct, I forgot the accent."


Gareth says, "Naw, I like the showers. The Zyklon makes my toothbrush mustache tingle!"

Azog takes a deep breath. "Ahhhhh. Smells like breakfast?"

Jessamy says, "The Earthling has stolen the Illudium Q36 space modulator."

Raethon says, "EXPLOSIVE space modulator."

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Amithil has arrived.

JUDGE: Typhoon summons Amithil away.

Amithil has left.

Amithil has arrived.

Raethon says, "It seems she has set up a macro."

Gareth says, "Cant you just @toad her or something?"

Amithil says, "The nazi is right"

Amithil says, "that would work well."

Amithil says, "come on you people are all about blaming the victim"

Gareth says, "You sure are making a lot of effort to stay somewhere you hate."

Amithil says, "I'd delete it myself if I could"

Amithil says, "but I guess when you're The Other youg et jerked around on purpose"

Amithil says, "this should have taken 2 minutes"

Gareth says, "You could also just quit and never come back to this den of iniquity."

Tatyannah says, "Amithil, what exactly are you trying to get done? Are you trying to get a picture off the wiki?"

Klythos blinks

Jessamy says, "This sort of four year old tantrum bullshit doesn't deserve a response."

Amithil says, "that's done, I want the account deleted now"

Amithil says, "since I have no means of doing that."

Amithil says, "should take 2 seconds to do that part."

Tatyannah says, "The wiki account? Or the one to here?"

Amithil says, "this one"

Jessamy heads into the Quiet Room.

Jessamy has left.

Elessa says, "It doesn't help when I don't have permissions to do that. Otherwise I would comply. However, I don't. And you will have to wait until someone who can comes home from work. You are free to submit a request and log off and not log on again."

Amithil says, "instead of playing ames with abortion jokes you could just delete the damn account and be over with."

Amithil says, "you're free to fuck the hell off."

Amithil says, "I'm not playing that game."

Amithil says, "so I'd rather not have an account at a nazi rally"

Gareth says, "Are you sure? It's chilly out and the book burnings are so festive."

Tatyannah says, "Amithil? Perhaps it would be better to wait in the quiet room for Lahar or Whirl or Hurricane to log on. I understand you are disenchanted us with us, but the hostility isn't necessary if you are so unhappy."

Amithil says, "Shut the fuck up if you don't like it."

Amithil says, "becuas eI don't really give a flying fuck what you bigots think."

Amithil says, "if you want me gone you know what to do. Delete teh account.It's fast and it's easy."

Tatyannah says, "Whoa, whoa, I wasn't here. You're tarring a whole lotta people with that brush."

Elessa says, "I would at your request, but as I said, I do not have the power to do so."

Amithil says, "It's a repeated pattern. Gareth has done this before and he's not been stopped."

Amithil says, "othering is an accepted practice here."

Azog says, "Othering?"

Roland has no idea what 'othering' is

Azog doesn't, either.

Gareth says, "Maybe it's like Otherkin?"

Colrick had to look it up. Means labelling a mass group of people as 'others' in order to minimize them, etc.

Azog says, "Oh. I'm definitely other, then."

Roland says, "You mean like calling a bunch of people 'nazis'? Gotcha."

Amithil says, "the second Gareth went off"

Amithil says, "and nobody said a fucking word about it"

Amithil says, "I knew this wasn't the place for me, which is why I immedately set to getting my stuff removed"

Amithil says, "but y'all made this as difficult as possible."

Gareth says, "Yes, you are the Kitty Genovese of MUdom."

Amithil says, "don't you have soap to sell"

Gareth says, "Naw, I'm full up on gold teeth."

Klythos says, "So, now I'm curious what started this."

Tatyannah says, "Yes."

Gareth says, "I'll c/p."

Amithil says, "it's cute how whiteout is playing dumb"

Elessa says, "Don't Gareth"

Whiteout says, "No."

Gareth says, "In page, if folks want."

Amithil says, "I say delete the images, I get told I'm wrong, and argued with"

Amithil says, "I say whyI'm doing it, I'm told I'm wrong"

Tatyannah says, "Yes, please, Gareth."

Oates says, "All I know is that when I logged in, the topic was smoking/bronchitis."

Azog is also curious, Gareth.

Whiteout did none of these things, has offered to help, Amithil, and has yet to see any response from you nor request for aid.

Tatyannah nods at Oates.

Amithil says, ""

Amithil says, "Your tolerance of Gareth's bigotry means I don't want your fucking help you Nazi pig"

Amithil says, "so Goosestep the fuck off to your concentration camp guard post"

Colrick says, "Sad when people use Nazi like a term for 'stuff I don't like', when they have no clue about the history of it."

Whiteout looks at the log. "Could you please highlight the text where I state my tolerance? Also, could you please explain how your statement is not, in and off itself, bigoted and insulting?"

Amithil says, "Your tolerance is implicit in your inaction."

Azog says, "Because people don't know about my irony."

Raethon has arrived.

Whiteout says, "Which inaction?"

Gareth says, "Apparently I'm supposed to stoned to death for my hatreds or something."

Colrick says, "You didn't immediately @toad Gareth for saying something she disagreed with. Henceforth you are the enemy, a vile colluder, etc."

Amithil says, "didn't even ask him to stop"

Amithil says, "I got moved out of the room"

Amithil says, "Gareth just gets giggeld at. His bigotry is tolerated."

Amithil says, "complaining about said bigotry is *not* tolerated."

Gareth says, "we are a cruel and unfair people here at Tenebrae. Perhaps you can tell your tale of persecution on WORA."